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A Few Basic Facts

Zu sehen ist der mit einer metallenen Einlage im Bodenbelag des Gutenberg-Platzes markierte Verlauf des 50. Breitengrades.Located directly on the 50th parallel north, Mainz experiences weather similar to London with less rain, an earlier Spring than Paris, and less extreme temperatures than New York. There are few extremes.Winters range in temperature from -8‘C to + 10‘C/ 20‘F to 45‘F Klima, averaging +5 or +6‘C, roughly 35‘F-40‘F.

Mainz ist located in the Central European Time zone, GMT +1/MEZ. Daylight Savings time extends from the fourth Sunday in March through the last Sunday in October which uniform throughout western Continental Europe.

Germany is part of the European Union’s unified currency group. The monetary unit is the Euro (pronounced „oy-row“ in German,) consisting of 100 Cents. While credit cards are slowly becoming more accepted, (major hotels, restaurants, gas stations,) most transactions are either made in cash or using a bank card for direct electronic withdrawals. Stores selling large items such as furniture may offer low-interest credit-purchase programs.