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How to get to Mainz

Getting Here is Half the Fun

Zu sehen ist ein Zug im Mainzer Hauptbahnhof mit der neuen Bahnhofshalle im Hintergrund.Many roads lead to Mainz said the Romans over 2000 years ago and settled at the strategically crucial confluence of the rivers Rhine and Main. The quality location that the Romans appreciated still remains an important feature today: Mainz is located in the heart of Europe, in the immediate vicinity to theRhein-Main Airport, Frankfurt and quickly and easily accessible by road, rail, or even ship.

Thanks to its central location, Mainz is not only an attractive conference venue, but also in great demand as an economic center for industry, trade, and crafts with expanding professional opportunities and a variety of leisure amenities.

Getting to Mainz is easy. If you are flying, it's a snap.

By plane

Barely 15 minutes away is the Fraport, as continental Europe’s largest airport, Frankfurt Rhein Main , is called. Served by more than 112 international and domestic airlines, there is direct long-distance rail service and two dozen regional „S“-Bahn connections, as well as regional and private bus service all from Terminal One.Auto rentals and taxis are plentiful at all hours of day and night.

Adjacent to the Fraport is the US Air Force Base Rhein Main on the south side of the field for military and other entitled personnel. Taxi service and rental cars can speed you directly to Mainz; shuttles connect the two airports.

Roughly an hour away is Hahn Airport, a former US Airbase, near Simmern.Some domestic carriers and other discounted airlines like Ryanair use Hahn as a hub for cheap, no-frills flights to under-utilized or secondary airports in the UK and Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, the Low countries, Scandinavia, eastern Europa and the like.New countries are added almost weekly! Scheduled buses, taxis and rental cars are available.

By car

Route 50 leads to Autobahn 61, to Autobahn 60 with four exits leading directly into Mainz proper.

By train

Rail travel to Mainz is easy. More than 160 local, regional, national and international trains arrive daily at Mainz’s newly renovated rail station.

High speed ICE and other express trains linking northern Germany with Switzerland,Italy and southern France stop at Mainz, and trains from all parts of Germany and eastern Europe connect.

By ship

Coming to Mainz by boat is surely one of the most leisurely and enjoyable means of travel. The Koeln Duesseldorfer Steamship Co. (KD Lines) long-distance cruise division docks regularly as do other international carriers‘ river cruise ships.They originate in Basel, Holland, or from the Danube via the Rhein-Main-Donau Canal from such distant lands as Greece, Turkey, Rumania, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Hungary and Austria, entering Germany at Passau in Bavaria.

Again, here,too the Mainz Central Tourist office will be happy to help you plan your excursion, day-cruise or long-distance boat trip.
Information, tickets and help await you.
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