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Events and Festivals

When it comes to festivals and celebrations, Mainz does things big! It’s our ancient “Roman holiday” tradition. Party time on the Rhine extends from the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve clear through winter with each season hosting a good reason to have fun until next thing you know, Christmas has come and gone, and then it’s time to start all over again. Mind you, this is not for merely a few -- just about everyone in town has been part of the party. Best of all, you are invited, too!

With some 39 festivals, special events days and celebrations exclusive of the various wine festivals, Mainz is a never-ending party! This does not include the spectacular 5th Season or Carneval (Fasching) which kicks off in November and goes full blast this year clear up to February. Virtually every single Mainzer young and old takes part in the City’s most elaborate and opulent „chase-away-winter’s–woes“ events.

 Events, Festivals and Celebrations