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City Council

The Chairperson of the City Council and Head of the Administration is the Mayor. In accordance with § 29 Par. 2 of Local Government Regulations, in municipalities with more than 150,000 inhabitants, the city council has 60 members.

Voting on all self-administration matters, provided no transfer has been made to a committee. The decision on articles of association, budget plans, changes to the city territory, elections as honorary citizen, etc. cannot be transferred to a committee.

The members of the City Council have joined together - in accordance with their party membership - to form the party groups CDU, SPD, BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN, FDP, Bürgerbewegung Pro Mainz, Die Linke and ödp/Freie Wähler. (Christian Democrats, Social Democrats, Alliance 90 / The Greens, Public Movement Pro Mainz, Socialists and Ecological Democrats/Independents). The party groups' sequence is determined by their strength. A party group must consist of at least 2 members of the council.

The City Council has several committees allocated to it. The various committees are established by the City Council in accordance with § 44 of Local Government Regulations (GemO) for certain fields of tasks (e.g. Main, Finance, Building, Social Welfare Committee, etc.). The committees are made up either just of council members, or of council members and other eligible persons. The size of a committee is determined by the City Council. The distribution of seats in committees reflects the distribution of seats in the City Council.

The committees have the task of preparing the resolutions to be passed by the City Council, in so far as they have not been empowered by the City Council in individual cases to take the final decision. As a rule, committees meet in public. The proposal by the chairperson to divide the agenda into a public and non-public part is adopted at the beginning of committee meetings in each case.

The members of the Council of Elders (Ältestenrat) - are the Mayor and the chairpersons or spokespersons of the City Council party groups, or their deputies. The Mayor takes the chair. The Council of Elders is responsible for bringing about an agreement in the case of important and difficult tasks for the City Council, as well as when dealing with issues of a special nature.