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Shopping comes in all shapes & sizes

When it comes to shopping, Mainz equals and surpasses many cities of similar size. The main shopping district is located in the pedestrian zone heart of town, leading from the City Hall Bridge to the centre.

In the old section of town, hundreds of tiny shops abound in the hidden alleys, courtyards and narrow thoroughfares of medieval Mainz. Florists, decorating shops, candle-makers, exquisite boutiques selling hand-crafted jewellery, gifts, art, apparel, chocolates, candies, gourmet treats, wines and accessories.
Quality is high and the prices are competitive.

The Roemerpassage further enhances Mainz’s already extensive offerings of major department stores, top-brand name outlets, specialty shops and boutiques, expanded to include some 40 additional new stores. More than 7,500 square metres of office space and housing couple with 10,000 square metres of shopping to enhance the selection.

Man sieht Menschen in der Fußgängerzone

Included in the new edifice, along with fast-food outlets, are a beauty shop, a delicatessen, a perfumery, a complete supermarket, a jewellery store and a 1,000-square-metre book store.

Absolutely unique to the Roemerpassage are the Temple of Isis ruins discovered during excavation work. These precious remains, about 300 square metres in area, are now incorporated into the Shopping Centre and offer a peaceful retreat for relaxation and contemplation where the Romans of Mainz once brought offerings to the gods.

Every good city has a farmer’s market and Mainz is no exception.
The Mainz Market takes place where it always has: in the very heart of the city next to the cathedral. From dawn till dusk, Saturdays throughout the year, farmers and distributors bring fresh produce, fruit, meats, savory foods, spices, herbs, condiments, meats, fish and cheeses as well as home-made specialties to sell here.