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Mainz as a location for business

Mainz as a location for business

Mainz is a location with a traditionally balanced presence of nearly all economic sectors. Acting as the western gate of the promising Rhine-Main region, Mainz is part of one of the most important and dynamic economic regions of central Europe. Based on this, there are several regional economic advantages from which businesses can benefit in Mainz:

The Main-Rhine region is one of the most productive regions of Europe with an above-average development rate. Home to 4.8 million residents, it is the third-largest economic region of Germany. Many roads lead to Mainz and from it to the world: different railway networks, the Frankfurt airport, convenient highway connections, an inland container harbour as well as the proximity to the financial centre of Frankfurt all contribute to providing direct access to all key markets.

In June 2002 Mainz was home to over 200,000 residents. According to an image analysis, nine out of ten residents enjoy living in their city! When surveyed, residents of surrounding areas describe the citizens of Mainz as open-minded, easy to deal with, social and friendly.

Knowledge and education

Zu sehen ist eine Nahaufnahme eines Elektronenmikroskops der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität.

The Johannes Gutenberg University, the University for Applied Sciences of Mainz, the Max Planck institutes of chemistry and polymer research as well as many other educational and vocational training institutions offer a broad range of education that provides qualified labour for all sectors of the labour market. The planned expansion of the university grounds to include a department specialised in higher education and related trades will increase the opportunities for knowledge, research and education. The technological centre of Mainz (TZM) as well as the technology park of Mainz support the establishment of young businesses.
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An attractive conference and fair site featuring tourist highlights

Zu sehen ist der Eingang und die Fassade des Dorint Hotels Mainz.

Mainz is a popular site for conferences and events. Its 2000 years of history have created many interesting sights. First class hotels, such as the Hyatt Regency, Hilton and Dorint as well as the broad range of dining facilities invite visitors and guest to linger on. More than 700,000 guests stayed in Mainz in the year 1002, many of these came from abroad. The largest group of visitors, a total of 108,000 guests, came from the United States, followed by Britain and Japan.

Attractive shopping opportunities

Zu sehen ist der Innenbereich des Einkaufszentrums Römer Passage mit Passanten.

Mainz is a popular shopping location. It attracts shoppers from the whole region up to the borders of Rhine-Hesse and surrounding parts of Hesse. It is not only the wide range of retail outlets that attracts visitors. It is also the city?s historic quarters, the cathedral and many beautiful squares, which create a unique atmosphere that makes shopping in the many stores attractive to the whole family. At 18,70 % (2003), the buying power of the citizens of Mainz is decidedly above the national average.

A wide range of commercial districts

Aus der Vogelperspektive ist das zukünftige Bebauungsgebiet des Wirtschaftsparks Mainz-Süd zu sehen. Es ist mit einer blauen Fläche markiert.

Currently different areas in different parts of Mainz are available for commercial development. Most of them are fully developed and provided with a complete infrastructure. Even a demand for a large piece of land can be met quickly and tailored to individual demands. For further information, do not hesitate to contact the real estate management society of Mainz, Grundstücksverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (GVG).

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