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Carnival in Mainz - the spectacular 5th Season

14 - 17 February 2015

Die Narren sind los in Mainz. (Quelle: Stadt Mainz)With scores of festivals, special events days and celebrations exclusive of the various wine festivals, Mainz is a never-ending party! This does not include the spectacular 5th Season or Carnival (Fastnacht or Fassenacht) which kicks off in November and goes full blast this year clear up to Ash Wednesday. Virtually every single Mainzer young and old takes part in the City's most elaborate and opulent „chase-away-winter's-woes" events.

Parties,parades,costumes, brass bands, scathing political and social commentary, scanty outfits, normal citizens are kings and princes, knights and generals, while the pompous and pretentious are ridiculed by „fools" and Court jesters. No sacred cows here as the wine and beer flow and high-proof distillates help the crowds indoors and out fend off Winter chills. Candy, fruit, treats and favors fly through the air, thrown from the mammoth floats and displays by the costumed members of the various Carnival societies, businesses and civic organizations who sponsor the bash.

Von links nach rechts zu sehen: die Mainzer Hofsänger, Mainz 05-Fans und Mädchen und Jungs in den farbenprächtigen Uniformen der Mainzer Fastnacht. (Quelle: Stadt Mainz)

Formal sit-down evenings, costume Balls, and parties go non-stop from New Year's Day until Fassnacht when at midnight everything comes to an abrupt halt, Ash Wednesday dawns and the austere Lenten time begins.

The top Carnival events are: The Children's Costume and the „Impressed-Fools"` parades in the Downtown, Gonsenheim, Mombach neighborhoods; the Fassnacht's Fair along the banks of the Rhine and at the Rathaus as well as Gonsenheim's Juxplatz. The Fools' Guard Parade through the inner City and the Finthen neighborhood parade, followed an Rose-Monday by the enormous Grand parade through the City.

Mainzer Narren und Schwellköpp bei der Proklamation der Fasntacht am 11.11 um 11 Uhr 11 vor dem Osteiner Hof am Schillerplatz.

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