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Johannisnacht in Mainz

June 22nd to 25th, 2018

"Johannisnacht" is one of the yearly event highlights in the calendar. It is celebrated in remembrance of Johannes Gutenberg, the famous inventor of the printing press with moveable type. Four days long there is a great atmosphere in the centre of Mainz. Free entry on all days!

Main attractions

Topical events on printing and calligraphy

During these four days in June Mainz focusses on printing and calligraphy with exhibitions in the famous Gutenberg-Museum and its printing shop as well as with different activities. Everyone is invited to learn more about printing and Gutenberg's invention and to test it oneself.

Children can playfully learn more about printing with creative activities.

Gautschen - The merry printers' baptism, 23rd of June, 2018

The merry printers' baptism, the so called "Gautschen", is a traditional highlight of the Johannisnacht (23rd of June, 2018). Since the 16th century assistants have been submerged in a barrel filled with water symbolising a release of the years of apprenticeship as well as the removal of lead dust.

This tradition is still celebrated on Johannisnacht Saturday, in historical costumes on stage at Liebfrauenplatz. Today the apprentices are usually digital media designers who have just finished their apprenticeship.

Book market and artists' market

One of the attractions is the book market during Johannisnacht which is the biggest market of its kind in Germany.

The impressive artists' market serves all sorts of different items 700 metres along the Rhine such as jewellery, clothes and dishes. The artists come from all sorts of areas in the federal state as well as from abroad. Here you will find unique presents!

Events on stage and fair in the centre

Theater, cabaret and jugglers performances as well as several music concerts guarantee a diverse entertainment programme on six stages downtown. You should not miss the cabaret night at Ballplatz.

Fun runs promise joy and action for children and older visitors.

Sports activities

Also sports lovers will be entertained. Sports events take place such as sailing and rowing regattas and the popular "Drei-Brücken-Lauf" (run) on 24th of June, 2018.

Fireworks, 25th of June, 2018

Four days of celebration and fun end on Monday evening, 25th of June, 2018 with a magnificent firework display over the Rhine. 

Street artists

At the Johannisnacht street artists stroll through the alleys of Mainz and attract everyone's attention.

Programme 2018

Further information on next year's event programme will be published here in May 2018.

Arrival and event area

With the public transport in Mainz it is easy and convenient to get to the Johannisnacht area.

Public transport in Mainz

In direct vicinity of the event area the following stops are located:

  • Schillerplatz
  • Fischtor
  • Rheingoldhalle/Rathaus
  • Brückenplatz
  • Höfchen (stops C + D in Quintinsstraße)

There will be a special timetable for the buses with extra offers on all four days of the event.

Connections to areas around Mainz

Parking facilities

If you are not able to go by public transport please drive into the following car parks located in direct vicinity of the Johannisnacht:

  • Rheinufer
  • Rathaus
  • Brand
  • Löhrstraße

Other car parks in the city centre:

  • Kronberger Hof
  • Theater
  • Römerpassage
  • Schillerplatz
  • Kaufhof
  • Karstadt

Near the old town:

  • Römisches Theater
  • Fort Malakoff Park

Near the central railway station:

  • CityPort
  • Taubertsberg
  • Bonifaziustürme

parking ticket = bus ticket (only in car parks run by PMG)

You want to leave your car and carry on by bus - this is easy. The parking ticket of "Parking in Mainz" (PMG) is a bus ticket at the same time for all bus lines of the Mainz public transport company (MVG) - valid all day long till midnight and with up to four accompanying travellers.

Event area

The Johannisnacht takes place in the whole city centre of Mainz, especially in the following areas:

  • Schillerplatz
  • Ballplatz
  • Bischofsplatz
  • Gutenbergplatz
  • Marktplatz
  • Liebfrauenplatz
  • Jockel-Fuchs-Platz
  • Leichhof
  • Ludwigsstraße
  • Rheinufer from Kaisertor till Fort Malakoff
  • Fischtorplatz